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holding her bones by a fire
11 September 2009 @ 08:53 pm
I've moved over to comparingwounds! All future updates will be there, and not here. The first new post is already up, so head on over~

Sorry for any inconvenience. <3
holding her bones by a fire
[06] Nonshareable Requests
[35] Shareable Requests
[38] DC >> Poison Ivy, Oracle, The Flash, Booster Gold
[36] Marvel >> Emma Frost, Mercury, Magma, Mirage, Wind Dancer, Mystique, Boom Boom
[13] Carla Gugino (mostly as Sally Jupiter)
[14] Roswell
[17] Misc (Fire Candy, Sailor Moon, Koi no Kawaki/Be Thirsty of Love, Ed Harcourt)

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holding her bones by a fire


>> using the following form, link me to one (or more) MQ-HQ image(s) you'd like me to icon. when i say MQ-HQ, i mean it! i'm not all that talented, i can't make a low quality image look good, haha.
>> you can request any kind of image - comics, manga, movies, stock...i'll icon fandoms i haven't before, so go nuts.
>> i'll fill as many requests as i have time to, but the first five people who request (and people who are friends) will definitely receive their requests.

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holding her bones by a fire
[14] Children of Dune
[37] X-Men (New Mutants [Amara, Dani], Uncanny X-Men [Marrow, Emma, Paige/Jubilee], X-Men Evolution [Spyke Cam], Young X-Men [Cipher, Cipher&Blindfold])
[11] Nabari no Ou (Gau, Raikou]

➩ Credit fawned or gulagparenting
➩ Do not modify them, please.
➩ Enjoy!

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holding her bones by a fire
30 June 2009 @ 10:14 pm
[47] X-Men (Astonishing X-Men, New X-Men, X-Men Evolution (beware intentionally shitty .gifs), Silent War, X-Factor, X-Force)
[13] Loveless (Kio and Shinonome)
[8] Sailor Moon
[14] Misc (Death Note, Eureka Seven, Karin, Oniisama e)

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